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Trapp Candles
Home Sweet Home offers a wide range of Trapp Candles, each crafted of fully-refined paraffin wax, saturated with perfume, and carefully hand-poured to make the highest quality products.

  Large Poured Candle - 7 oz.                           Signature Poured Candle - 5 oz.
Approximately 50-hour burn time.              Approximately 40-hour burn time.
  Packaged in Trapp House Box.                     Packaged in Trapp House Box.

Small Poured Candle - 2.1 oz.
Approximately 20-hour burn time.
Packaged in Trapp House Box.

Home Fragrance Mists Pump Sprays
Saturated with the same pure, soothing, rejuvenating scents as our candles, these CFC-free room sprays instantly fill any room with fragrance. Can be used in any room of the house as the perfect compliment to Trapp candles, or carried with you as you travel to remind you of home sweet home.

Giant Votive Candle - 2 oz.
Absolutely fills a room with fragrance. Perfect for every gift-giving occaision. Approximately 15-hour burn time.
Email:  cinda@homesweethomewh.com                         Call: 1 (615) 672-9428
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